Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spiritual Fitness

Now that the Christmas season is over, so are the holiday snacks and goodies!

More importantly though, for those walking with the Lord, it means that the special feeling in the air during Christmas is gone; that constant "Birth of Christ" reminder leading up to December 25th is gone. Seeing as this is the case, keeping in the word of God daily is more important than ever.

The days feel short yet long, it's continually cold and snowy outside, and spring seems so far away. Make it a resolution to keep to the Bible daily, and to really seek spiritual growth during this "idle" time. Not to say that when it's nice outside, it's okay to let your walk with God slip, however, during the winter months it's easier to hone your focus on spiritual things. Do not let yourself be distracted by the TV or Internet. Get rid of cable if you must.

Your physical fitness is, of course, of some importance. However, your spiritual fitness is what matters most.