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I am a firm believer, especially after this last year, that homeschooling is the best way to school.

After homeschooling for just over a year, I have come to find that my son is a year (plus) ahead in his school years, and is grasping and understanding everything that is taught to him. Of course, this is not true for everything he learns at first, but after time, he understands and knows all the material I introduce to him.

Until his sister is able to sit at the table and learn as well, he has one-on-one time with me during "learning time" (that's what we call it in our home). One-on-one gives me the ability to really clearly see what he's actually learning and knowing. I am able to pinpoint his learning style, and can mould how I teach to fit his needs. For example, he quickly grasps and recalls information from his atlas poster on his bedroom wall: where countries are located, along with their flag. He is quite a visual learner. So, I cater to that learning style. 

We communicate back and forth openly, with no fear that he is asking a dumb question, and no teasing from other kids.  

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