Saturday, December 15, 2012

Commercialized Christmas

If you really think about it, there are not a lot of people that acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas.

So many people reject that Christ is Lord and that He came to die on the cross for our sins. Of course, He left His teachings, evidence of His miracles, and the story of His life all in the Bible. (If you do not believe this, there are plenty of resources to prove the authenticity and hard evidence of the Bible.) However, it is quite sad how many people deny the Bible, it's teachings, it's proof, the way it says to live our lives, it's authenticity. Yet, these same people celebrate Christmas - the birth of Christ.

It's baffling! True Christians acknowledge Christmas as the time to celebrate the birth of the Messiah. Non-believers or wishy-washy Christians view this time as gift-giving and getting together, just for the sake of it.

Christmas has turned into this gong show of buying gifts (not just a nice gesture gift - but actual materialistic things that puts people into debt...) for grandparents, parents, friends, teachers, neighbors, distant relatives, kids, friends of friends, acquaintances, basically everyone. And for what purpose? Of course, I am not discrediting the fact that being generous is a great thing, especially during the Christmas season. But, I just don't understand what Christmas has become, and why it's headed in the direction it has. This once Christian celebration has turned into a seemingly secular joke, and it's saddening.

Is it that Christmas to people is the time of year that families get together, share a day to eat, drink, give and open gifts, and then go home? That's it? Why? Why this day? Why dismember the true meaning behind this day? Why disregard it?

Christmas has become commercialized beyond repair - at least, it seems this way. The main theme of Christmas is gifts, presents, and just having an excuse to spend money. (And Santa for the kiddies...) I would love to go out in the mall and randomly ask people why they buy gifts at Christmas time - what the true meaning behind getting and giving gifts at Christmas is about. And then ask Santa sitting on his "throne" (snicker...) why he does what he does at Christmas time, and what good it does for the kids.

Don't be fooled into buying gifts at Christmas time. Sure, we give gifts because gifts were given at Jesus' birth. But, no one says we have to go out and buy a big, flat screen TV for an acquaintance. (That's extreme...) Give gifts for the right reasons, not because you "have" to. Give gifts in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and the fact that He came (and is coming again). No one says you have to break the bank either!  The big box stores would have you believe you need to go into debt for Christmas time... Greed has overtaken this world, and don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.

Stores start setting up for Christmas time well in advance, even before Halloween. Sometimes, even before summer is over! Christmas decorations, chocolates, themed gifts, wrapping paper, the works. It's extreme. It's to get your money. It's to empty your pockets. It's to distract you from the real meaning of Christmas. And it's working.

Satan is the ruler of this world. The Living God, who has given us freewill, sits back and watches as we foolishly fall into Satan's trap. He wants you to believe that there is no Christ, no God, and that the Bible is not true and that worldly pleasures (most of it sin) are the only things that matter. Secular behaviours amongst the people of today are rampant, and are embedded into future generations. And without the "ON FIRE CHRISTIANS", there will be no stop to the madness.

I am a woman, and I am trying to do my part in getting some of these truths out. Please note that I am not teaching anything from the Bible, but am trying to make the reader aware of the things that are happening in this world, namely in this post: commercialization of the Christmas season.

Commercialization of Christmas is getting worse and worse.

Remember when you go to the store to buy a gift for your child, or for someone close to you. Think about why you're buying them a gift. Buy the gift according to what you think is reasonable and right. No one says you have to buy more than one gift, and then empty your pockets in order to do so. Just because your friend decides to give you a $100 Lululemon gift card, does not mean you have to give back that same amount in some other form of gift card or gift. It's pure silliness.

This year, I took it upon myself to only give gifts to those closest to me: my close relatives and a few close friends. I didn't spend too much money. I decided to make mason jar gifts, (COOKIE RECIPES!) and put together gift bags for each family. For friends and extended family, I sent Christ-themed Christmas cards to let them know I was thinking of them this Christmas. I expect no gifts, and if I get a gift, I will feel no obligation to give one back just because I got one from them. Of course, a thank-you will be in order :)

Try not to go into debt, or spend too much money this Christmas. Buy for the right reasons. It is not even a real obligation to have to go out and buy any gifts at all. Let's not contribute into making Christmas into a commercialized holiday. This day is only about Christ, and should not line or empty the pockets of anyone - but should totally glorify Christ instead.

Merry Christmas, to a non-commercialized Christmas!

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