Friday, December 14, 2012

The Candy Cane

The Candy Cane, a red-and-white striped, hook shaped Christmas candy favourite. And it is a most proper selection for a classic, symbolic Christmas treat.
In the mid 1600's, the Candy Cane was invented for the purpose of keeping little ones occupied and quiet during Christmas Eve festivities at church.

The peppermint stick, originally white, had a hook at the top which symbolized the staff of a shepherd. It's white colour represented the purity of Christ. What a wonderful comparison! Take a moment to remember and really think about our Christ, and just how pure He is, in every way.

Later in time, probably in the late 1800's, the red stripes were added to symbolize the blood that Christ spilt in payment of our sins - a debt we cannot pay on our own, no matter how hard we try.
The next time you eat, decorate with, buy, or give away a candy cane, just remember what it symbolizes. Even the families who do not acknowledge Christ as their saviour or Lord, they are buying, eating, and treating their kids this very Christian, symbolic Christmas treat. 
If you notice this, let them know what the true meaning behind the Candy Cane is. Spread the word. It's one of the many things during this time of year that may actually bring forth the true meaning of Christmas. 

And true Christians, of course, know what this is.

So! Enjoy a Candy Cane for yourself and savour it - and the very thing it symbolizes.

Merry Christmas!

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