Sunday, April 21, 2013

Causing Men to Stumble

I came across an interesting and somewhat disturbing blog post today, written by Lauren Dubinsky, "Have you been told you are causing men to stumble?" You can find the link to her blog post at the bottom of my post. In any case, after reading it, I wanted to write a response and rebuttal to her view.

To start off, I wanted to say that I understand where she's coming from to a point. It's very hard, and sometimes upsetting to have to wear modest clothing, especially when all around us, at least in the Western world, we are surrounded by scantily clad women in the media, magazines, commercials, and the like. Unlike in the earlier days, tight butt-and-thigh hugging pants, low-cut shirts, revealing materials, and super short skirts and shorts are the "thing" now.

Worldly women will gladly take part in wearing such immodest clothes. We all know where their hearts and thoughts reside, and hint, it's not in Christ. Think about it. When they wear things that show off their bodies, what are they doing? Not only are they drawing the attention of the worldly men, who are for the most part seeking out women who are dressed in such a manner, but also the Godly men, who are trying to stay out of sexual sin. Yes, all of mankind are living in a fallen state (sin!), and as we are all aware, men are more easily drawn to sexual sin than women, for the most part.

Godly women have a different place and role. We are striving not to be worldly women, nor are we men (and as such, I should not be writing this post, as it is not my or any other woman's role to teach doctrinal issues). Why should we, given the fact that we are saved by grace through faith and Christ ALONE, want to continue to dress in such a way that would make us seem as worldly, unsaved women? Are we not to be set apart? Are we not to fight sin, and not touch it?

I strive to be a Godly woman. My husband informed me that I could be causing men to stumble, because I was wearing tight pants. I found that I can still look beautiful while dressing modest. Showing more skin, or revealing more curve, does not constitute more beauty! 

How we dress can and does affect our witness. If I was dressed with a short skirt and my breasts hanging out, how do I differ from the worldly girl beside me, dressed exactly the same as me? 

Men are sinners, and women are sinners. It is a sin for a man to look lustfully at a woman, but dear woman friends, how can they look at us with lust if we are covered and dressed modestly? Do we really want to [help] cause men to stumble?? What is the purpose of looking sexy if not to do that very thing? 

It is up to you if you want to wear something that will catch the eye of a passerby. It is also up to you to wear something that will not. It is up to you (and your husband, or if your single, your friends) to determine what is modest, and what is not.

What do you want to do, really? 
Would it be pleasing to God for us to flaunt our bodies with immodest dress? Would it be acceptable to Him?
At the end of the day, we live our lives in a way that would be pleasing to God. 
He will judge us all one day. 

Please utilize the Bible (KJV or NKJV in conjunction with KJV) for further reading:
1 Timothy 2
Proverbs 7
1 Corinthians 6

As I mentioned earlier, here is the link to Lauren Dubinsky's post on this subject:

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