Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Beauty of Creation

It's been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that!

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Although the world we live in now is tainted by sin (refer to my last post for further reading on that...), the core of it is beautiful. Take fallen man out of the equation, and the remainder is just sheer beauty.

Let's just take a quick look at Canada (I'm using here as an example because, well, I've been here all my life). The East Coast and the Atlantic Provinces have their own beauty, being along the Atlantic ocean, with various hills and valleys, and plenty of untouched wilderness. The Canadian Shield located on Northern-ish central Canada, where many lakes, rivers, rocks, small mountains, and such are spread across the region. Then of course the Interior Plains, or the Prairies in central Canada, has vast, flat lands, where wheat and other farmers' fields are spread across as far as the eye can see. Going more west is the Cordillera. Just amazing mountains and very rough terrain. It's raw, untouched beauty is nothing less than breathtaking.

This is just one country, out of how many! There is an entire world to be looked at. I will not get into a geography lesson of the planet, however, it should be noted that there is just an endless array of geographical variety in every corner in the world. Just standing on a scenic outlook spot off of the Trans-Canada highway can have you seriously think about our God, and thank Him for what He's made and has let us enjoy.

To even write God off, and to think that there is no God at all, is just appalling. Not only to believers, but to God Himself. How can a person look at where we are, and say, "this is all by chance." Believe me, this is not by chance. Not by a long shot.

We should all be giving the credit to where it's due, and that is to God.

I recently read the History of Creation, Genesis 1-2, and was reminded yet again that we are not here by accident. The majority of Westerners, however, will have you think that we are. The science that is being labelled as fact (Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, and any other dreamed up fantasy of there not being a God), and being taught in our schools is just a huge scheme. No one wants to have a higher authority over their head. No one wants to be accountable to anyone but themselves. Everyone wants to live by their fleshly wants and desires, and not have any boundaries. And the lie being taught to everyone today allows for that. If there is no God, then we are allowed to make up our own morals as we go along.


Anyhow, I didn't mean to take this post into this direction. I just wanted to reiterate how beautiful God's creation is. In specific to this post, the land we live on. No, not our houses, but the land our houses are built on. Wherever we live, may it be up in the freezing Canadian Arctic, or in the Tropical Amazon Forest, the land around us is beautiful in it's own way. It didn't just come about by accident. God made it, and made it for a reason. Take a moment to thank God for it, and to give Him the credit.

What an amazing God.

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