Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Honestly, who chooses not to have sex before marriage in this day and age? Heck! Sex before marriage is on the verge of being promoted! Look at the things surrounding us on a day-to-day basis: media, magazines, books, movies, and music, literally laced with innuendo in every way imaginable. There’s no question why it’s just common practice to not “wait it out”.

Perhaps only true Christians participate in abstinence, or teach it to their children, as they understand why it is so important.

Sex, the act of it and the idea of it, does not hold the value and meaning as it once did. God created sex for married men and women; it is a sacred gift for both pleasure and procreation, and is also in place for married couples to stay out of the sin of sexual immorality (outside marriage, and before marriage).

Nowadays, God is taken out of the equation altogether. His design for sex is no longer regarded as something to follow or to live by, despite the fact that He created sex for specific reasons. Nowadays, sex is flaunted and is something people do recreationally (for the most part). 

As a result of such a lax attitude towards sex, there are now sexually transmitted diseases, abortions (not just a few of them, either), children born to mothers who do not always care, children born to families without a father to be there, etc., etc. Of course Biblically speaking, it is not pleasing to God for a person to commit an act of sin of any kind, not just sexual sin.

I sincerely hope that parents, teenagers and mature kids (I say mature kids because really, some starting-to-have-sex ages range in the lower teens. Sometimes lower. Yikes!). It’s a difficult time for people growing up to understand the implications of not practicing abstinence. It’s a concept many people should be taking a closer look into.

So then why, pray tell, is the idea of sex so loose? There is a real time and a place and a purpose for it. Why are schools handing out free condoms? Why are thirteen-year-old girls going on “The Pill”? Why are people starting to have sex at such a young age?

There needs to be a push in all school organizations, private and public, that abstinence is the only way. There should not be a promotion of safe sex! People should not be encouraged to be having sex before marriage at any time. Not only because it is a sin, but because of all of the unhealthy things that come from it.

I suppose that in the state a lot of places are in now, the promotion of safe sex needs to be in place, rather than nothing at all. It’s just saddening to me that this is the case.

Godlessness is a slippery slope. The further you go down it, the further you get lost. More people need God now more than ever, especially the kids growing up in these next generations where God is rarely the head of any household. Where do their morals come from, if not from God? Apparently, having sex before marriage, flippantly, as much as possible, with anyone is morally okay now.

It is not morally okay. There is a huge consequence for sinning.

This was a difficult post to write, just because there is such a wide array of ideas to cover just on this one subject. I apologize if my ideas were just splattered everywhere and/or if it was hard to follow.

Just don’t take my word for the importance of abstinence and sexual sin, though.

Read further in:

Hebrews 13:4
1 Corinthians 7:1-15
2 Corinthians 12:21
Also, read in Proverbs 5


  1. It is so frustrating to see what God created for marriage to be tossed around so carelessly in the world. The Bible speaks to how sexual sin is especially damaging because it desecrates the marital bond which is used to illustrate Christ's relationship to His church. We are well on our way down the slippery slope in this culture. All the more reason to instill truth in our children and pray for deliverance from the worldliness about us.

    1. Thank you, Ashley... I completely agree with you!


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