Monday, June 10, 2013

Christians Coming from a Secular Upbringing

I am a woman who grew up in a "semi-secular" household, which I think is a very loose statement. It was more secular than anything else, but, we did celebrate Christmas and Easter in the way they are actually intended.

My mother claims to be a Catholic, same as her parents (who were very close to me and my sibling, and still is with my Mother and I guess my Father as well). My father is not anything, I'm pretty sure. I don't know what his belief system is. I guess I could consider him a seeker, as my husband and I have talked to him (and my Mother) about the Gospel several times, but he (and she) still will not commit to Christ.

My life growing up was a lot different than what it is now. A whole lot different. And my parents recognize this, and do not like what I've become. They do not like my choice of leaving my solid, secure, well-paying career to stay at home and homeschool and raise my own kids. They do not like that I have chosen to homeschool. They do not like that I consider my husband the head of the household, and have to talk to him about everything before I make plans. This list is not by any means exhaustive, but it does include a few things that I can think of at the top of my head right now.

They are still secular, and I am not. The foundation of my old self was built on was this secular, insecure, faulty platform. As a new creation in Christ, I am rebuilding this foundation (and my husband is helping A LOT) on the word of God: the most sturdy, foolproof foundation known to man.

Sadly, this rock-solid foundation is foolishness to those who do not believe. And, all of my old friends and extended family fall into this category. They, I'm sure, consider me to be a "religious freak". If they would only take the time to sit down with me, have a Cappuccino (my favourite), and discuss God and our Saviour seriously, I'm sure they'd think differently. I probably should make a few phone calls and arrange something like that, preferably sooner rather than later.

I admit that it is sometimes hard to deal with those hateful, condescending vibes from those close to me. I don't spend time with a lot of non-Believers anymore (as commanded in Scripture) which means that I don't hang out with any of my old friends that often, if it all, anymore. I wear a head covering now (as commanded in Scripture). I am actively changing my wardrobe to reflect an selection of clothes, and ultimately, an overall modest appearance that would please God.

The key for me is to find strength in the word of God, have Christian fellowship, and talk things out with my husband. Becoming a new creation doesn't happen over night, and the temptations, tests, and other stuff that goes along with being attached to a fleshly body can make living a Godly life trying. Especially whilst living in a lost world.

There are some truths that need to be accepted, and one of the big ones is to change how you live, whether old friends or your Mom and Dad like it or not. Live for Christ, and how He would want you to live. It is a heart attitude, a total life change. Wear the armour of God. Be strong in the faith.

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