Friday, June 28, 2013

Daily Grind? I Think Not!

Mornings are just not my thing. Sometimes I wish they were…sometimes. But when all is said and done, I do prefer to stay up late and sleep in late. Before I chose to be obedient to God, I had a career that could not in any way, shape, or form allow me to enjoy sleeping in.

Now that I’m a stay-at-home homeschooling Mommy, I have the ability, honor, and privilege of scheduling the timings in our home. What a blessing from God! I am not under anyone else’s authority except my husband’s (and of course God’s), and that is better than good enough for me. So, yeah, my timing for waking up is at a decent hour in the morning!

That's not really the point of this post, though! I'm trying to make a point that our days in this home are not considered a "daily grind" by either me or my children. What I do day-to-day with my kids and my jobs around the house aren't repetitive or dull. Let me explain.

Essentially, my job is to run this household. I make it my daily goal to do this job in love, faith, order, discipline, and patience, all the while not usurping the authority of my husband or God. It can be hard to do the womanly role, as I was not raised to think in a submissive way, but I do it. I also keep my anger under control, although it takes a lot of prayer and deep breaths to keep it that way. That, and patience can sometimes run thin (you know, with kids screaming all day and perhaps an instance of disobedience or two or ten...).

I will later post how I schedule my days. But for now, I just wanted to let my readers know that running a household is not tedious, boring, repetitive, or in anyway “unfulfilling”. It can be hard work, sure, but is it ever rewarding. Letting go of the fact that I am not the overall head of this house makes the job somehow reassuring and simplified. A lot of women do not believe that the husband is the head of the house, as Christ is the head of the Church. But I assure you ladies, it’s in God’s word as plain as day, and it is in there for a reason.

For further reading, see the Bible, in the King James Version for most accurate interpretation:

Old Testament:
Esther 1:20-22
Proverbs 10:10-31

New Testament:
1 Corinthians 14:34
Ephesians 5
Colossians 3
1 Timothy 2:9-15
Titus 2:3-5

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