Friday, July 26, 2013

What Would You Do For God? (Version for Women)

Would you stop swearing? Stop drinking excessively or altogether? Stop watching junk on TV? Stop listening to garbage music? Read the Bible everyday? Would you glorify God in all that you do?

Would you wear a head covering? Change your worldly wardrobe, and dress modestly? Embrace a chaste, discreet, loving demeanor? Accept and incorporate into your life God’s design for a woman, despite what western culture says about it? 

Would you submit to your husband? Change your daily duties from a full-time, high-paying career and work in your home instead? Be subjected to only your husband? Live joyously, separate from the world, and not look back?

Would you let your husband take the lead, and lovingly, willingly, gracefully follow him? Would you obey him, as long as his ways were not against Scripture? (It takes a real Godly woman to do so!)

Would you raise your children up in the Lord? Teach them about the Bible? Warn them against the wiles of Satan? Lift them up, encourage them, teach them, love them, mother them, discipline them, and show them the ways of the Lord?

Would you limit or completely cut the time you spend with old, secular, non-believer friends? Would you evangelize to them? Pray for them? Share the Gospel? Would you make Christian friends for you and your children?

Would you pray unceasingly? Constantly ask for the Lord’s guidance and help? Refer to His Word daily? Make daily changes in your life in order to strive for God’s standard? Meet and have fellowship with other Christians regularly? Spend some of your time doing the work of the Lord?

If you came across something you didn’t like, and didn’t want to obey in Scripture, what would you do? Do you make excuses as to why these “things” don’t need to be obeyed? Do you find a preacher that teaches the things you like to hear?

How far would you go for God? What would you do for Him? Would you obey Him, or not?

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