Friday, July 5, 2013

Distractions? Take them Away!

Stay-at-home Mommy’s have a hard job to do, but no matter what our hectic days bring, our job is the most rewarding of all jobs. One of the issues I have as a homeschooler/homemaker is getting distracted.

Ah, yes. When a quiet or lazy moment occurs, in come the distractions. And my biggest distraction is the Internet.

As a newbie blogger and Twitterer, passionate creative writer and Pinterest junkie, my laptop seems to always call my name. If and when there’s a free moment, I will sneak a peek at my email, or continue drafting a blog post, or pin a few harmless pins. I make it a point to only open my trusty MacBook screen when my kids are napping, playing, or are consumed in another activity where they don’t need my undivided attention. Better not to open the screen at all when there are other things to do. Otherwise, I’d have ten posts per day on this blog. Perhaps even a novel or two written already! *wink!*

If you feel as if you have a particular hobby, or other “thing” that keeps you away from doing your Mommy jobs, keep them away. Or at least, limit them. The majority of our time should not be taken up by distractions, but by honing in on priorities and keeping focus on the tasks at hand.

Our job is very important! We are raising our kids and running our homes, a task that should not be brushed off, put aside or taken lightly. This is especially true in a Christian household, where our duty is not only to manifest the Biblical womanly role to the best of our abilities (in order to substantiate the proper biblical roles to our children, who will grow up to embody this doctrine), but to also live a life not striving for the worldly standard but for God’s.

Distraction is Satan’s middle name. Well, not really. But it could be!

The bottom line here is to limit or completely abolish the distractions that take you away from your job. My laptop time is scheduled for when the kids are taking a nap, or are in bed for the night. And, with that schedule put in place, my daily tasks and overall objectives for the day are fulfilled. 

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