Friday, July 5, 2013

Setting Out to Accomplish

Category 1: The Natural Worker Bee
These women are natural worker bees who wake up early, get the day going with ease, and just work, work, work, all day long, until the second they go to bed. Either with or without caffeine, they just work and get their jobs done. They seem to have no need for pre-planning or scheduling; they already know everything that is about to happen, and work accordingly.

Category 2: The Non-Natural Worker Bee
These women are just not natural worker bees. It’s hard to get going in the morning, and hard to keep going during the day. Sometimes, if not all the time, they need caffeine and some motivation and/or incentive, pre-planning, and even strict scheduling. It’s hard to stay focused and hard to get things accomplished. Extra prayer on this matter may also be required.

I admit that I am in Category number 2. I am fully aware that I need to take extra steps each day to make myself into more like Category number 1. How I pray and pray that I be more like a natural worker bee.

I find myself a little out of focus and in the habit of procrastinating. Ugh! I’m the kind of person who thinks, “What a beautiful day out today; I wonder what Heaven will be like; what’s going to happen tomorrow; what’s for dinner next week…” When I catch myself in those dreamy thoughts, I say to myself, “Focus!”

So, I’m going to share some of the ways that I try to make myself into an efficient worker woman, how I force my mind to “set out to accomplish” first thing in the morning, and not laze around in bed fighting the urge to stay in my PJ’s. If you categorize yourself as Category number 2 as well, you might want to try what I try at home, maybe you’ll find that my strategies work for you too!

The Schedule
Scheduling what needs to be done in a day, I find, is a fantastic way to lay everything out on the table. Some people make a schedule fit into a monthly format, whereas I make mine to fit into a daily format. What I mean by this is I make my schedule to fit into a “what needs to be done per day” list.

I start it off with “Monday”, or whatever day it is, and make a list of things that are going to happen, going from the most basic things like, “Wake Up, Get Dressed, Personal Hygiene” to more specific things like, “Review Shapes and Patterns, Marinate Chicken, Windex Windows”. I do sometimes find myself making a big list, with basic things, homemaking things, and homeschooling things. Or I make separate lists for each.

Depending on how energetic I feel, I’ll either make a few daily schedules at once, or I’ll make it the night before, or on the morning of. I like to use Microsoft Word to draft them, that way I can save them and re-use the existing format. But I’ve heard of ladies using dry-erase boards or chalkboards to draw up their schedules. Whatever works best for you!

The Journal
I keep a daily journal, and a prayer journal (or list). I don’t use my computer for either of these things - I use my computer enough, without having to add journal entries and such.

I love stationary. Things like cute notebooks, fancy pens, stickers and colorful paperclips. And so having a handwritten journal and prayer list feels more personal and almost in-depth when I use my pretty books and pens. It sounds a bit dorky, but it’s true.

I take the time to write out what I accomplished, what I could have done better, what I did great, where I slacked off, my feelings and thoughts, what could have happened, etc. I find it keeps my mind on track for the next day, and my thoughts in order.

The Hop
I don’t wake up to an alarm clock, at least not an electric one that sits on my nightstand. My kids are my alarm clock. The second I hear one of their voices, I hop out of bed, and get into my daily routine. The schedule I draw out helps me keep my daily tasks in check, because it’s all too easy for me to say, “Nah, I don’t need to do this today”. Like working out, for example!

When I see my kiddos first thing in the morning, I have a visual reminder of one of the reasons why I stay at home. Besides the fact that the Bible says I should work at home, seeing my darlings puts extra meaning into why I do what I do.

Why should I waste their childhood by sitting around and letting the day go by without accomplishing anything useful? Why turn the TV on for them when I could be spending my time with them? I’m here to teach them, to raise them up, to demonstrate to them how a Christian home works, to school them, to give their lives a Christian foundation. If I am not motivated enough to get things done around my home, how will they ever find it within themselves to be motivated later in their lives? With all these things in mind, I put my inhibitions aside and hop to it.

So, as much as I may not be a natural worker bee, I try my hardest to be a worker bee in general. I work towards being that busy woman, getting all these different things done with ease.

Outside of these three things I utilize to help me almost on a daily basis, I ask God to help me. I pray a lot about my natural tendencies, that they may be influenced and made to mirror the Proverbs 31 woman. That I may be all that God has made me to be, according to His Will. That I may set out to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in a day, and even more still. 


  1. I am such a category 2!! Thanks for these ideas, I've been trying to get on a better routine lately. I know I need to replace some bad habits (internet distractions...) with some better ones (more Bible study!)

  2. You're welcome Ashley ;) I have bad habits too. All too often I go on my computer before I get anything else done, so I had to put my foot down and think of something, lol.


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