Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Beginner's Bible Review

When tackling Bible teaching, I don’t always use the family Bible as my sole teaching resource. After a few attempts of using the Bible alone for Bible class, I found that I needed the entire learning experience to be more fun, interactive, and easier for my tot. I tried a few different things, but my favourite external resource is a line of kids Bible books called “The Beginner’s Bible”.

I should thank my mother-in-law again for giving my son a book from her church called, “David and Goliath” which introduced me to The Beginner’s Bible series. This was my son’s first Bible-oriented book, and he loved it! Even to this day, almost two years later, he still wants us to read it to him.
Since then, I’ve purchased (and made lots of use out of) the Beginner’s Bible Kid-sized Devotions, Toddler Bible, The Very First Easter, The Very First Christmas, and the iPad App. After visiting their website, I found that there are lots of different products to choose from, and other free resources on there, like printable colouring and activity pages. Bonus! 
David and Goliath”, though not as in-depth as the version written in the Bible, is basic, easy to understand, simply illustrated, and age-appropriate for toddlers.
The Beginner’s Bible for Toddlers” is an amazing introduction to the Bible for small children. My son has heard it over and over again, and wants to hear it still - and we’ve had it for over a year! Although it may not have all the stories that some parents may want in an introduction story Bible, I feel it is beyond sufficient. And I think you can choose the difference between getting cardboard pages or paper pages. I chose the block pages and the book is in still great condition for my next baby.
Kid-Sized Devotionals” is a cute little book with 384 pages, filled with thought provoking messages and scripture to read out loud. The book has lots of pictures to keep kids interested, and is enjoyable to open and get into each day. In my house, we try to make devotion time right before bed, as a part of bedtime routine.
The Very First Easter” proves to be an outstanding selection for, in my opinion, toddlers, early readers, and children younger than ten years of age - perhaps even older. It demonstrates the true meaning and underlying message of Easter with ease and clarity, all the while providing the Bible references, should the parent/reader feel they needed to expand on a subject. In fact, Bible references are quoted everywhere throughout the Beginner’s Bible series, so that helps a lot.
The Very First Christmas” is also a great selection for early readers and toddlers. It is a great tool for teaching the birth of Christ simply and effectively. And the book itself is cheap! From Christian Book this book, and The Very First Easter, are $1.50 each. With that kind of price they prove to be fantastic little gifts and/or handouts.
Last and definitely not least, “The Beginner’s Bible App for iPad” is impressive, and well worth the money! You get the first few chapters in Genesis for free, but after that you need to pay. Check out the App store for prices, as I can’t remember the total cost, but I do know it wasn’t expensive. The app is very interactive and kid-friendly, and includes animations, puzzles, games, and coloring pages throughout. You can choose to have the app read out loud, or you can mute it and read yourself. My munchkin adores this App! He always asks to learn about Jesus. I highly recommend it to all.

Overall Review

- Illustrations are simple, catchy, and fun. The characters are illustrated the same throughout all the books, making it easier to remember who’s who.
- Perfect beginners Bible learning tool for the early childhood years.
- Some stories may be vague.
- Highly recommended for homeschoolers or parents who are teaching Biblical things at home.

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